Quor: Redefining the Content Discovery Market

Quor Feb 13, 2021

Quor enters the Indian market with distinguished values to add to the lives of digital content consumers

India has emerged to be one of the key contributors in the booming digital media market. While Indian publishers continue to offer diversified content accessible on a wide choice of platforms, the consumers, too are engaging actively and more consciously than ever. This shift from traditional to the digital world hasn’t been recent but the intensity of the jump has been drastic. From an active user base of 574 million in 2019 to ~679 million active users in 2020, owing to the pandemic, the evolving audience has completely transformed the user consumption patterns as well. Competitive prices have also made smartphones and the internet more accessible and affordable. With deeper penetration of social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram, amidst other forms of content, these digital giants are also impacting & influencing dissemination of news. Majority of the traffic on the internet in India comes from smartphones. It has been observed that an Indian user spends about 3 hours a day on a mobile phone, out of which 2% is spent on only consuming news.

Source: Reuters Institute

The mobile-first approach of the consumers has challenged digital content providers to customize and personalize their content to sustain in this highly competitive market.

With the emergence of in numerous new players along with the seasoned-existing ones, the audience is spoiled with choice. On top of it, the easy availability of inexpensive content puts the audience at high risk of exposure to the malpractices of the internet. While there are a lot of factors that affect the consumption of digital content, the privacy of the user & authenticity of the source still remains contested. In the race of media houses to attract maximum traffic and release trending pieces, the consumer is always left behind- overloaded with information and a compromised attention span.

So the questions that trigger in the audiences’ minds constantly include- is there any true privacy in the digital age? Are publishers exploring a new way for a consumer-first approach based on the trends of the mobile-first market? Is inexpensive content an enemy of quality? The answer to these questions and many more lies in constant innovation based on the evolution of markets.

Quor answers & solves these issues as it redefines the digital content space in India. Staying ahead of its time to provide a seamless, nonpareil content consumption experience to its customers, Quor embarked its journey in India in 2018. As a trendsetter, it can be categorised as a content discovery platform that empowers consumers with credible information, honours their privacy and vests power in them to make conscious choices for themselves. Understanding the premise of demand and supply of digital content in India, the platform prioritises quality over quantity.

Co-founded by Illan Poreh and Assaf Zeevi at the leading tech space- Silicon Valley, Quor aims to build an interactive relationship with its consumers where they have the power to choose what they invest in; what they engage with. Following a consumer-first approach, the platform offers a balance between conventional & contemporary benefits of consuming digital content. Altering consumer behaviour and influencing their usage patterns in a country with a population of 1.36 billion (approximately) is a challenge that it undertakes to establish itself as an adept in the industry.

Since nothing valuable ever comes easy & a knack for authenticity can be addictive, Quor disrupts the traditional, inexpensive market of digital content. Introducing one of its kind offering- a valuation engine in the market, it positions every content piece against a value making every second spent on it worth it. It is like a buffet of digital content; you pay for what you want, what you like- till you are full.

It encourages consumers to only engage & pick content based on their personal choices & interests and not fade away with the mass-produced generic content. The value against each content is updated in real-time based on factors like visibility, demand, accessibility & relevance, to name a few defining factors powered by the deep learning algorithms. This innovation elevates consumer experience and introduces an upgraded version of not mere consumption but a mindfully chosen lifestyle where they take charge of what they feed into- at their convenience, without being fed into the publishers’ will & mass-produced content.

The digital world is renowned to blur the lines between offline & online lives of consumers.

In the last decade, government & corporate giants have paved their ways into becoming data miners keeping an eye on not just computerised information but on every moment of a user.

Users are oblivious of the harsh reality of misuse of their own information. Not only are they unaware of the ways that their information can be hacked, but they also lead a life filled with misconceptions that only the data involving financial details need to be secured. Manoeuvring as the ultimate experience provider, Quor stands out from the rat race clutter with its respect for user privacy. It steps forward holding onto the trust enlisted in digital content by the consumers to revolutionize consent as the game-changer in the digital world.

Whether used via the web or the app, it never tracks its users or further processes their personal data for its own benefits or sharing purposes. Their personal information is always kept safe with them and their right to privacy is honoured even in the digital space.

Digital content undisputedly remains the most consumed asset on the internet. Yet, investment on this asset in terms of advertising only helps the businesses to yield profits while disturbing the flow of their consumers. Since advertisements come with a cost that is ultimately frowned upon but beared by the consumers in terms of interrupted services, media houses are evolving too. They are taking steps to be more transparent in terms of their working models with their customers. One of the greatest measures to combat this misalignment of services rendered & availed is the subscription-based model. Since Quor as a platform helps users to discover content from various sources, it also looks forward to revitalising the ecosystem where there is value for the consumers and a sustaining model for the publishers. To maintain this balance, the upcoming focus of Quor is to launch a premium content segment. Within the paradigm of the premium news segment, the consumers can interact with & pay for the content that holds their interest through Qoins- its inhouse currency for payments. The premise of the premium news service will not include the traditional subscription-based payment model rather a reformed version that acts as a pay-window for other legacy media houses as well.

Optimising on the most basic yet unresolved issues of the consumers & channelling effective solutions for the same, Quor is all set to move forward with the modern content consumer. Respecting the resources that consumers employ and the time they invest each day, it envisions a transformation within the digital content industry that benefits and values every move made by the consumer on the internet. This content discovery platform compels the user to take charge, be responsibly informed and consciously aware amidst the diluting digital values.

You can avail the benefits of this new world content discovery platform on Play Store and App Store or visit Quor.com for a seamless browsing experience.